08/10/2017 Hansen Engine Corporation elects Tony Albright as new President

Hansen Engine Corporation announced that at a regular meeting of its Board of Directors on August 10, Mr. Tony Albright was elected its new President. He will continue as a director.

Mr. Robert Hansen, Chairman & CEO, stated that, "Tony's expanded responsibilities will strengthen the management team at a time of increased opportunity for the Company and its shareholders. His 27 years of executive experience and financial management align well with his commitment to engaging and supporting technology innovation in areas of strategic importance to the American economy."

Hansen Engine is an emerging leader in engine boost system advances in design and performance.

06/07/2017 Hansen Engine featured in Motor Trend article: "Two Promising Boosters for our Ever-Shrinking Engines”

"The second idea comes from Hansen Engine Corporation out of Plymouth, Minnesota. Instead of instantly varying the blower’s speed, Hansen’s better mousetrap varies the displacement of a twin-screw Lysholm-type supercharger to deliver the low-rpm responsiveness of a supercharger with the torque and efficiency of a turbo. The secret is never making the engine work to compress air that would only end up getting vented to a wastegate..."

04/07/2017 Hansen Engine featured in Motor Trend article: “Twelve Future Car Technologies Worth Talking About”

"After eight years of R & D and considerable testing with a Big Three OE, Minnesota-based Hansen Engine Technologies introduced its variable-displacement supercharger at SAE. The idea is pretty simple: Never tax the crankshaft with creating air pressure the engine can’t use. The unit employs a Lysholm type positive displacement twin-screw supercharger, but there’s a sliding window in one side of the housing. When that window is open, no pressure is generated, so there’s just a bit of frictional load on the crankshaft. The system is set up to use a typical throttle to control airflow into the engine...."

04/04/2017 Hansen Engine at SAE World Congress

Hansen Engine Corporation and Ford Motor Company engineers were recently invited to present a peer-reviewed “Technical Paper” discussing Hansen’s groundbreaking new supercharger technology at the 2017 SAE World Congress in Detroit.

Hansen’s globally patented technology with its innovative use of a “variable-displacement” feature is unique and provides improved system efficiency over current fixed-displacement superchargers. Traditionally, both superchargers and turbochargers have been used to boost engine performance. However, superchargers have not been able to compete with turbochargers due to their fuel efficiency penalty. Hansen Engine’s new technology eliminates the biggest disadvantage of current superchargers by enhancing fuel economy while maintaining superior acceleration. As a result, the new technology could challenge the $13 billion engine boost market now dominated by turbochargers.

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