Hansen Engine at SAE World Congress

Hansen Engine Corporation and Ford Motor Company engineers were recently invited to present a peer-reviewed “Technical Paper” discussing Hansen’s groundbreaking new supercharger technology at the 2017 SAE World Congress in Detroit.

Hansen’s globally patented technology with its innovative use of a “variable-displacement” feature is unique and provides improved system efficiency over current fixed-displacement superchargers. Traditionally, both superchargers and turbochargers have been used to boost engine performance. However, superchargers have not been able to compete with turbochargers due to their fuel efficiency penalty. Hansen Engine’s new technology eliminates the biggest disadvantage of current superchargers by enhancing fuel economy while maintaining superior acceleration. As a result, the new technology could challenge the $13 billion engine boost market now dominated by turbochargers.

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    Since 1977 Hansen Engine has been focused on research and development, and today is focused on the successful introduction and commercialization of the Hansen Variable Displacement Supercharger™ to a global automotive market.

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