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Company History

Hansen Engine was incorporated in September 1977 by brothers Craig and Robert Hansen as an independent research company dedicated to the advancement of automotive engine technologies. Since then, it has maintained a modest but modern engine test laboratory in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Left-right: Paul Cross, Craig Hansen, Robert Hansen.



Hansen Engine has developed an advanced variable-displacement supercharger. This system is the subject of more than 10 years of preliminary and advanced innovations supported by private capital and demonstrated through a combination of private and military research funding. We have developed a broad base of vendors who support engineering staff with timely expertise. To date, the Company has received equity investments of more than $9,000,000 along with research contracts exceeding $3,000,000.

Robert Hansen and Craig Hansen founded Electromed, Inc., a medical device company which is now publicly traded on the NYSE Amex and in FY 2012 achieved sales of approximately $20,000,000. They also founded the LockerMate Corporation, creators of an innovative shelving device which has resulted in cumulative sales of greater than $30,000,000. Together, these two companies have attained cumulative sales of greater than $150,000,000.

Hansen Engine is focused on the successful introduction and commercialization of the Hansen Variable Displacement Supercharger® applied to OEM automotive engines for a global market.


Since September 1977, Hansen Engine has maintained a disciplined program of documentation which has supported the submission of numerous patents. More than 30 patents have been issued for engine systems, rotary valves, compressors, air pumps, and other areas of innovation. The staff has also performed engineering services for others, resulting in both utility and design patents. Hansen Engine’s ability to consistently secure utility patents is a compliment to our engineering staff and the unique operations and benefits achieved through our research efforts.


Hansen Engine’s capital base has been provided through a series of private placement investments. Capital has been solicited by the founders and the Hansen Engine Board of Directors. Hansen Engine relies upon accredited investors for capital support. Management and the Board of Directors have not retained the services of an investment banker. Hansen Engine continues as a privately-owned company with more than 250 private shareholders. Hansen Engine has no bank indebtedness and utilizes the service of an accounting firm to provide regular financial reports.

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