• WISE

Technological Expertise

Hansen Engine has developed expertise in automotive engines, including the development of an advanced supercharger system.

Designing & Prototyping

Our laboratory supports the design, fabrication, assembly, and testing of advanced engine technologies.

Experienced Staff

Hansen Engine supports a team of highly trained engineers with a history of creating evolutionary engine technologies.

Featured News

Hansen Engine Corporation attends the 2017 SAE World Congress in Detroit, Michigan. Click here to read more.

Hansen Supercharger™

  • Automotive Supercharger

    Hansen Variable Displacement Supercharger undergoing flow performance testing at the Ricardo labs in Detroit

  • Product Highlight/Feature

    Hansen Supercharger boosting a 2.0 liter Ford EcoBoost® 4-cylinder engine on a dynamometer in the test cell at McLaren Performance

  • Enhancing Fuel Economy

    The Hansen Supercharger™ enhances engine boost performance and fuel economy applied to OEM vehicles.

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