In addition to the well-known automotive boost applications, there are potential applications for the Hansen Variable Displacement Supercharger in off-road recreational vehicles, marine engines, military vehicles, and light construction equipment where fuel economy and rapid response can play a crucial role. Some engines that can benefit from “boost” may not be well-suited for turbocharging, and are good candidates for Hansen’s efficient and responsive supercharging. For example:

  • Emerging advanced combustion engine systems may require fast response during transients, and more stable and predictable airflow than turbochargers can provide.
  • Water-cooled outboards in marine environments may preclude turbochargers where the liquid-phase would be destructive to turbine blades.
  • Emerging advanced 2-stroke engines may require a “scavenging pump” for some load conditions in which a turbocharger alone cannot serve the scavenging function.
  • High-temperatures involved in turbocharging and its related hot exhaust hardware may increase the fire-hazard in some applications.


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